• Careers in maths and statistics

    Why study maths?

    In 2013 the Royal Statistical Society and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries jointly published 'A world full of data' (http://www.rss.org.uk/uploadedfiles/userfiles/files/A-world-full-of-data.pdf).

    This report looked at how well the UK education system is preparing students for a data-rich world. A foreword to the report included the following:

    `In a world awash with data, statistical understanding is increasingly important in all areas of society. Statistics is the language of the future data economy. The ability to understand numbers, interpret data and communicate evidence is an essential feature of the modern workplace, and crucial to competitiveness in the global market. In the academic world, almost all subjects are increasingly quantitative. And facility with data and statistics is a vital life skill: every citizen needs to be able to make sense of concepts such as risk and probability on an almost daily basis. Just as literacy in English was the key to success in the 20th century, literacy in statistics will be the key to success for individuals, businesses, governments and countries in the 21st century.`

    John Pullinger

    President of the Royal Statistical Society

    Similar statements are included in articles available on the website of the Statistical Society of Australia (http://www.statsci.org/careers.html).

    The message is that there is increasing demand for people with quantitative skills. Additionally, society as a whole needs to be more numerate.

    Careers that use maths / statistics

    The following websites provide information about careers that require the use of maths and/or statistics:

    (1)  Australian Mathematical Society - Career profiles:


    (2)  Statistical Society of Australia:


    (3)  Mathematical Association (UK):


    (4)  Operations Research, also known as Management Science, is widely used in business to optimise the use of resources.

    Operational Research Society (UK):




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