• Preparation for Year 11 Maths in 2014

    19 July at 09:52 from atlas

    It has been my experience that Year 10 students, particularly those not in the highest maths class, are not well prepared for 2U Mathematics in Year 11. Although the following topics are covered in the Year 11 syllabus it is important that students completing Year 10 are competent in applying the basics in these areas:

    1. Elementary Algebra
    2. Expanding brackets (simple, binomial)
    3. Factorising (common factors, in pairs, quadratic)
    4. Algebraic fractions (simplifying, arithmetic operations)
    5. Equations (basic, with fractions, with unknowns on both sides)
    6. Indices (basic laws, negative indices, fractional indices)
    7. Surds (simplifying, arithmetic operations, rationalising denominators)
    A specially prepared ten-week course covering the above topics is available in Term 4 for students who want to be well-prepared for Year 11.

    Bookings for the course, consisting of a one-hour session per week, can be made by email (rdkdine@acenet.com.au) or phone (4862 2827).


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