• HSC Maths and ATAR again

    9 June at 15:20 from atlas

    Australia's Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel, recently wote in the June 2016 issue of 'Focus'

    'At the national level, I am joining others in calling for universities to require intermediate or advanced mathematics across the board. It staggers me that 13 of the 34 engineering courses offered in Australia accept fundamental maths as a prerequisite even though this does not include calculus, and one of our engineering courses does not require any Year 12 mathematics at all'

    Furthermore, from next year Western Australian students enrolled in the medium and high level maths subjects will get a 10 per cent bonus on their ATAR scores. 

    The former WA chief scientist, Professor Lyn Beazley, said people needed to realise three-quarters of future jobs required STEM skills.

    Professor Beazley, a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering and 2015 WA Australian of the Year, said maths should be compulsory to Year 12.

    (Note: In NSW intermediate mathematics is 2U Mathematics, advanced is Extension and fundamental is General Mathematics)


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