• Five words to remember

    13 January at 15:30 from atlas

    As I contemplate assisting my twentieth group of HSC candidates I have been wondering how I can condense nineteen years of tuition into a few words. Perhaps these five words will do the job:

    "develop a hunger for questions"

    By that I mean search out questions from a variety of sources. Do not rely solely on your textbook - use other textbooks, study guides and past exam papers from other schools and previous HSC exams available on the Internet. When you have found the questions don't put them aside for later - get stuck into them!

    Do more questions than your teacher sets. For example, if you are asked to do every second question, go further and do every question, especially toward the end of an exercise where the questions often become more difficult.

    A person who is hungry will search out food and not be satisfied until found and eaten.

    That needs to be the attitude of an HSC candidate. How's your hunger for maths questions right now?


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