• 2019 mid-year review

    5 July at 15:14 from atlas

    With Term 2 now over it is appropriate to review what has been a busy first half-year. As usual the Year 12 students have been focussed on their assessment tasks while the Year 11 students tackled the new curriculum.

    There are an abnormally high number of Year 10 students attending, perhaps aware that their preparedness for the coming two years is not what it should be.

    Variety in the work came in the following ways:

    (1)  the return of previous Year 12 students seeking assistance with their university maths and statistics

    (2)  providing a mathematical solution to a local business with a manufacturing problem

    (3)  statistical analysis for a client in the area of psychological research

    (4)  tutoring pure maths and engineering maths subjects to a university student in Western Australia via Skype  

    (5)  providing statistical advice via Skype to a former student now studying for a master's degree in Europe.

    It is a continuing concern that Year 11/12 students often lack algebraic skills that hinders their progress with new material or precludes them from attempting higher level maths.


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