• New article in linear algebra

    21 January at 13:08 from atlas

    I have added an article to download that looks at the calculation and use of the transition matrix to obtain coordinates with different ...

  • Mobile friendly website

    28 December at 13:21 from atlas

    A mobile friendly version of this website (with a more modern look) is available at  ...

  • A four colour problem

    8 December at 17:14 from atlas

    Solution to the last question of the 2020 Australian Mathematics Challenge for Years 7 and 8 added to the Downloads with the title 'A ...

  • Most used letters in the English language

    5 December at 12:18 from atlas

    A note has been added on the Downloads tab that looks at the distribution of letters in the English language. Additionally, there is ...

  • Slope fields

    13 July at 14:40 from atlas

    Note added on Downloads page that covers slope fields for first-order differential equations..

  • 50 downloadable articles

    17 April at 11:51 from atlas

    Today I added my 50th article (Modular arithmetic) to the Downloads page. I have written these articles covering various mathematical or ...

  • Phone outage

    16 April at 07:03 from atlas

    Recently my landline (48622827) was not operating due to an NBN fault. Yesterday the problem was rectified and I can be contacted on ...

  • Tutoring during April school holidays

    6 April at 10:12 from atlas

    I am available for tutoring during the break (6 -  26 April) if any student wants to make use of the enforced isolation in a ...

  • School disruption

    20 March at 14:51 from atlas

    The current situation with some schools closing, others going online and significant numbers of students not attending could have a ...

  • Significant anniversary

    21 January at 10:53 from atlas

    This year, 2020, marks 25 years since I commenced the business. It has been an interesting period, assisting hundreds of high school and ...


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