• School disruption

    20 March at 14:51 from atlas

    The current situation with some schools closing, others going online and significant numbers of students not attending could have a ...

  • Significant anniversary

    21 January at 10:53 from atlas

    This year, 2020, marks 25 years since I commenced the business. It has been an interesting period, assisting hundreds of high school and ...

  • Note on Scaling of 2019 HSC

    19 December at 14:57 from atlas

    A note has been added to the Downloads page (with the above title) that makes some observations regarding the scaling of HSC marks for ...

  • Algebra course for Year 10

    29 July at 15:18 from atlas

    Some of my Year 10 students have commenced a 20-session algebra course which will occupy the remainder of the year. I developed this ...

  • 2019 mid-year review

    5 July at 15:14 from atlas

    With Term 2 now over it is appropriate to review what has been a busy first half-year. As usual the Year 12 students have been focussed ...

  • A number puzzle

    13 April at 09:40 from atlas

    I've added a note under Downloads titled 'A number puzzle' that shows you how to easily solve one type of puzzle. Circles are arranged ...

  • Distances and complex roots of unity

    3 December at 09:28 from atlas

    Note added covering distances between a point and complex roots of unity.

  • Sum a sequence of 1s and 2s

    23 November at 11:46 from atlas

    Note added today showing how to calculate the sum of the sequence 1,2,1,2,2,1,2,2, any number of terms.

  • Two more downloads

    21 November at 07:22 from atlas

    Two very different downloads added today - Force required to lift a wheel over a step and Triangular pattern of the numbers 1 - 6.

  • 2018 Extension 2 exam

    6 November at 09:01 from atlas

    I have added the solutions to Q16 of this year's exam to the Downloads.


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